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About Independent Occupational Health Ltd.

The Independent Occupational Health team have gained considerable experience in delivering effective Screening to a wide range of clients and industries. Health Screening can be in the form of Pre-employment medicals, health surveillance or specalist medicals.

In relation to pre-employments it is important that prospective employees are compatible with their job role and working environment. Where an underlying health issue is identified as a risk, appropriate measures and adjustments can be made early on.

A pro active approach to Pre Employment Health Screening can also assist you in meeting the obligations for employers under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The Act requires employers to be aware of any disability an employee may have and adjust their work place accordingly.

Medical assessments are carried out to ensure an individual is fit to work in a specific environment, travel to a specific country, ensure the environment is not harming an individual and for health promotional reasons.

As well as carrying out the full range of statutory medicals, Independent Occupational Health Ltd. can create individually tailored medicals.

Medical assessments can be carried out at our own medical centre or onsite. Communicating results quickly and accurately is of course a key part of the service and we now offer online certificates, faxed certificates and telephone confirmation of failed medicals, alcohol tests or non negative drug screens.

Independent Occupational Health Ltd. provides a range of medical assessments and includes specialist medicals such as:

·         Offshore medicals - OGUK Medical Examinations (previously UKOOA)                               

.         On Shore medicals (near offshore / land based renewable energy projects)

·         ERT Medicals

·         Safety Critical Rail Medicals

·         PCV/LGV Drivers medicals

·         Drug and alcohol testing

·         CONDO Medicals