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Health & Wellbeing

Enhancing the Health & Wellbeing of your workforce can add value to your organisation. In response to this Independent Occupational Health offer a range of services designed to prevent Ill Health and promote Health & Wellbeing in the workplace.

Health Promotion – Automatic

The Independent Occupational Health Team can help you develop an effective Health Promotion Package for your organisation. Investing in the health of your employees may help reduce absenteeism, staff turnover, accidents, injuries and wasted resources. As a result, increases occur in output and productivity, employee satisfaction and motivation. It is also suggested that promoting initiatives of employee health & wellbeing can improve your company profile and reputation as an employer.

As Health Promotion Packages are tailor made to your organisation they may contain one or all of our Health & Wellbeing Services. Popular choices include:

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Wellness Screening

Independent Occupational Health has developed a range of Wellness Screening Medicals that can be offered to all or some of the employees within your organisation.

We offer Three Levels of Wellness Screening:


Wellness Screening Medicals include tests geared towards the primary prevention of ill health. Wellness Screening is an effective way to catch existing health problems early on or prevent them from occurring through assessment of risks in work and lifestyle of the individual.

Wellness Screening may include:

Wellness Screening will be undertaken by an Occupational Health Advisor, Occupational Physician or both dependent on the level of Screening selected.

Mental Health and Stress Management

Stress and Mental Health problems are a major cause of sickness absence, low morale and poor productivity. The HSE estimated that 13.8 million working days lost in 2006/7 were due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety.  Employees suffering from stress are also more likely to suffer from depression and other psychosomatic complaints.

Stress Management

Independent Occupational Health Advisors can assist you in fulfilling your legislative duty in the management of stress within your organisation. This can be done through the provision of Stress Audits, Individual Assessments, Post Incident Support and Stress Awareness Training.

Stress Management Programmes can be organised to take place at your business and can be tailored to meet the demands on your employees and the pressures within your industry.

Occupational Psychiatry

Where a mental health issue has been identified the workplace may be the cause of future incidents of distress and can have a direct impact on the recovery of the individual. Mental Health problems associated with the workplace can lead to cases of medium to long-term sickness absence. The longer an employee is away from the workplace, the less chance there is of ensuring a successful return to work.

In the provision of Occupational Psychiatry mental health problems may be managed correctly and in some cases, prevented. The expertise of a psychiatric assessment provides firm advice on the management of psychiatric illness for the employee within their specific work environment. This can assist in reducing incidents of conflict, ease symptoms and promote a healthy recovery.

Immunisation Programmes

Immunisation programmes are an effective way to reduce risk where Occupational Hazards can result in disease and ill Health.

Independent Occupational Health Advisors can advise you when assessing the potential risks of disease exposure to your employees. Once risks have been identified Immunisation Programmes can be designed specific to job role and work environment.

The most popular Immunization Programmes include:

All Immunisation Programmes involve an initial consultation with an experienced Occupational Health Advisor and where required Blood Serology with a Comprehensive Medical Report will complete the programme.

Flu Protection

Flu Vaccination Programmes:

Protecting your work force against the flu virus is a simple way to reduce sickness absence rates within your organisation. It is thought that in an average year 20-30% of workers contract the flu virus causing on average 120 sick days per 100 employees.

Each Autumn Independent Occupational Health offer cost effective Flu Vaccination Programmes. Our Occupational Health Advisors can carry out Flu Vaccination Clinic’s at your premises or ours dependent on the needs of your business.

Flu Pandemic Planning:

Independent Occupational Health Practitioners can assist you in Flu Pandemic Planning for your organisation. Helping advice you as an employer on how to put the appropriate measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the risk of infection within your business. Advice may also include Business Continuity Planning and advice for employees and their families.

Updates on the current threat of Swine Influenza please visit: