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Pre Employment Medicals

The Independent Occupational Health team have gained considerable experience in delivering effective Pre Employment Health Screening to a wide range of clients and industries. It is important that prospective employees are compatible with their job role and working environment. Where an underlying health issue is identified as a risk, appropriate measures and adjustments can be made early on.

A pro active approach to Pre Employment Health Screening can also assist you in meeting the obligations for employers under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The Act requires employers to be aware of any disability an employee may have and adjust their work place accordingly.

Our Clinical Services Team can offer you definitive advice on the best approach to Pre Employment Medicals within your business. We offer three levels of Pre Employment Health Screening:

Pre-Employment Health Questionnaires

A completed Pre-employment Health questionnaire can be screened by an Occupational Health Adviser in conjunction with a job description. Fitness for work can in cases be made depending on the health status of the potential employee.

Pre Employment Health Assessment

A Pre Employment Health Assessment may be required where fitness for role cannot be determined by the result of a Pre Employment Health Questionnaire. This may be the case in Industries where risks to Health & Safety are increased by physical, biological or chemical agents.

Pre Employment Medical Examination

A Pre Employment Medical Examination is carried out by an Occupational Health Physician. This may be required where an employee has declared a serious health issue within their Pre Employment Health Questionnaire or an underlying health issue has been uncovered during a Pre Employment Health Assessment.

Pre Employment Medical Examinations are recommended where the Job Role is of a Safety Critical nature.


Australian companies are now recruiting worldwide, and we can offer pre-employment examination for such posts.